Client Testimonials

Our clients say the nicest things …


Modern Landscaping Inc. North Easton, MA

“In Our Highest Regards”

Modern Landscaping Inc. has been associated with Amiee of WMIT and her excellent work as a web designer and web host for more than 15 years. She was our first and only I person to design and maintain our company website. Others have tried to woo us away, but Amiee has been, without a doubt, the only person we would have to handle our online presence.

Amiee has been able to set-up, maintain and keep current all the things that you would need for a first class website. Her creativity, ideas, and knowledge, as well as her ability to keep us on top of search engines, and give us constant input as to what we should or should not be doing online, has been one of the major keys to our success in the industry over the past many years. We are on top of search engines and stay there. We just sit back and answer the phone!

I would not only refer you to Amiee as THE person you would want to take care of you online, I would say that you would be foolish not to. For the money we have spent, and the return on that investment, we could not be happier. Best of luck, and give Amiee a call, you’ll be glad you did!


Sunshine Cathedral Ft. Lauderdale
Metropolitan Community Church of DC (MCCDC)

“If God needed a Web Designer, she’d hire WMIT MEDIA!”

” is fast, efficient, creative, accessible, and as far as web designers go:  affordable!  After a few short conversations they were ready to go with a design that really captured what we were hoping for.  We received new church corporate branding and a web site structure that meets all of our goals.

WMIT can also help you learn the basics of site maintenance!  Their support ROCKS! When we are stuck with a site issue, they are there to help QUICKLY, The best support we have ever had.

Whether to share information or for fund raising and community outreach, they know how to get the best out of you and portray that on the web.  Tell them what you want, how you want it accessed, and they do the rest.  Check out and www. for the WOW Factor!  MCCDC is now using WMIT host both our new website and the church email system, which was another BIG cost savings.  Hire WMIT and get your site WOW Factored today!”


6 Pacific Partners

” On Target and on Time! “

” We were able to get the perfect site, exactly what we wanted and on time. Our Brand has never been stronger. Your creativity, and project management is first rate. Your customer support is unparalleled.  Thank you WMIT and Amiee for the best service we have experienced in a long time.”


Marketing Non Profits

” Magic! “

” I’ve had the pleasure of working with WMIT on five very diverse websites with topics ranging from churches to suicide prevention. They are more than web designers, WMIT Media is the world wide web. They will guide you in the best internet branding strategies and … they aren’t afraid to speak up when they disagrees! They also work with you until its perfect! in fact their standards are probably higher yours! I highly recommend WMIT design.


Selantek, Inc

“Very Happy”

Selantek Inc. has been relying on WMIT MEDIA since May of 2003.We have always remained on top of the search engines and our internet marketing has been very successful. We are very happy: we appreciate the most your willingness to help us anytime that there is a question. You have never let us down and have always been there making sure that we remained functional and that the web site was up and the email was flowing. We are very happy with our relationship with WMIT and we hope to continue trusting our communications and marketing to WMIT.


Salem Evangelical Lutheran Church of America

“Big Heart, Big Talent”

I first met Amiee more than thirty years ago. Over the years, we have teamed up on numerous graphic design and marketing projects, including websites, brochures, logos, and the like. She has been my go-to designer for many years and many projects. Amiee is an extraordinary artist and web designer who has the ability to see what you are trying to describe, often before you can complete your description. She works quickly and is always willing to help educate her more technologically challenged clients.

Amiee has big talent, matched only by her heart. During Hurricane Katrina she coordinated medical staff and equipment to set up a mobile hospital within hours after the hurricane landing, treating victims in remote areas where it took even the red cross days to reach, and put together a website matching lost pets with those being found. Her desire to help and share her talent has kept her pricing lower than many. Her financial estimates are fair, keeping them well within reach of businesses that may not otherwise be able to afford someone of her skill level. I wholeheartedly recommend Amiee for anyone who wants first class design work, internet marketing and photography services at affordable prices.


David Shapiro

“Great Success”

l have been an extremely pleased customer of WMIT since 2005. We started our relationship with you designing and producing, my initial web site. Then you have handled my SEO with great success. Throughout our association you made many suggestions to improve the site as well as being very responsive to my suggested enhancements and upgrading due to changing circumstances. Additionally, you have been very responsive to monitoring the traffic on the site and reporting to me. All in a cost effective “real time” manner. I would recommend your services to anyone who wishes to be successful on the internet.


George Beckman

“Perfect Match”

When you find the perfect partner you do not leave her. Amiee has handled my web site, photography, videography, hosting, email, marketing, and SEO for over 15 years. I could not be happier. I completely recommend her for your project. Once you find her, you will never let her go.


Aaaaaah shucks, thank you to these and my many loyal clients over the last 35 years for the kindest words, continued support and referrals. Without you, there is no reason to continue being the best at my craft. Blessings on your day!  -Amiee M.

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